Adopting in Brazil
I have been looking into adoption in Brazil. It is not difficult as people make it out to be. I am American/Brazilian living my whole life in the states I was born here. I recently had my mother return from Brazil with all the information needed. You have to register with CEJA that would include your homestudy and INS paper. As soon as a child is avalible they will contact you. You do need someone there who you can give power of Attorney to so they can keep onto of Ceja. after the child is located then you will need an attorney to help you finialize everything. This info came straight from Ceja. They say the wait can be anything can be a week a month a year all depending on what you are looking for. It is totally free to adopt in Brazil. I am going to begin my Homestudy late January and persuing the adoption on my own. The agencies charge so much money when it isnt even necessary. Anyone looking into adopting from Brazil contact CEJA you will the process is relativly easy just alot of paper work.
I would love to chat with people who have adopted and see how there process went or people in the process.

Good Luck to everyone
Hello Natasha!

I was really happy to see your letter posted.
I am also trying to start the adoption process in Brazil, but have no idea where to start.
Do you mind giving me some tips?
I know that we need the I6-- from INS, but as for a reputable agency for the home study I am quite clueless how to go about it.
I am Brazilian/American, and my husband born in the USA.

You can write to my e-mail address if you want.


Hi Natacha,
So are you saying that once I register my papers with CEJA, CEJA will locate a baby and contact me? How has the process been so far? How long did it take or is it taking? I understand the wait is long, but I am ready to jump in with adopting from Brazil!

Yes My mother went directly to ceja.... I know it depends on age and preferance... The younger the longer it takes... I was just about to start my process in brazil and get paper work and hoem study done in the usa.. when by chance a domestic fell upon me in january ( I didnt have even my homestudy done yet because i was planning on getting everything ready for brazil by end of this year...) but in january from a friend of a friend adoption here came upon me and march I brought home my beautiful baby boy who is almost 4 months old now.. I plan on going through brazil in the next two years for another one.... but i am more willing to accept a toddler ..................................

Good luck I do have a copy for ceja on what they need to i can help you in anyway i will.....

btw you dont need an attprney until a child is located.......

good luck
Do be careful.
There are no guarantees that a child identified for you by either the Brazilian authorities or a facilitator in Brazil will meet the U.S. government requirements in terms of eligibility for an adoption visa. If you adopt a child in Brazil or any other country without being absolutely certain that the child qualifies as an "eligible orphan" under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, you could wind up in a situation where the only way to bring your child home would be to live overseas with him/her for two years.

I want to let people know that the children that are up to adoption in Brazil are totally legal for adoption and acceptable in the USA.
They do meet US government requirement in terms of eligibility. As long as the adoption process is done through CEJA, wich is the government organ that deals with the orfas, and the only legal way to adopt there.
If anyone has any question please be free to ask me. We are very close to go to Brazil and pick up our children, and it has been a delight to work together with LIMIAR, who works directly with CEJA.

Are you the one who sent me an e-mail also? If not let me know. I will send you a long reply via e-mail, but if you are another Jill I can answer everything here.

Check your e-mail. I just sent you a looooooooooong letter!:p
We would love info as well... I sent you an email to your PM box....thanks!
If you have any information that you coupld PM about the process that would be great. Thank you!

I have found your postings very interesting. Having spent several years in Brazil I, along with my wife are very interested in adoption from there. You mentioned registering with CEJA. How do we begin that?

US dept. of state
I, too, am just starting and found this informative:

It explains US and Brazlian adoption laws and requirements, as well as government contacts. I'm not sure how updated it is, but may be worth checking into.
The website is informative but adoption in Brazil is not complicated as it states in the first line of their "note".
I am willing to give you information about adoption in Brazil if you want.

Hi Gilighan/Ike

Can you send me the looooooooooooong e-mail about CEJA and LIMIAR you sent earlier to Jill....I'm also pretty interested in adopting in Brasil.

Thanks so much,
Looong letter

Do you want me to send you the long e-mail via PM, your personal e-mail, or what? It is so big that I am not sure if people want to have it online.
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