Can you tell me How to get adoption records unsealed. Is this possible? Also, I've noticed some states don't have sealed records anymore. Is New Hamshire one of them? and does this mean that at one time these records in these states were sealed and now they unsealed them all and we would have access to them? Anyone with any infor please contact me
Dear Wendy,
I am an adoptee who has found most of her birth family, each state has different laws concerning adoption, not all States have opened records some have none at all and some have partial ones. As to wich states have wich I would suggest you check with the state that you were born in . Your local library would have some info on this check with the Librian they are very helpfull and the best of luck to you !!!!
would you check with the state you were born in or would you check with state you were adopted from? Born in MA. but adoption took place in New Hamshire
:) Dear Wendy,
You would check the laws where your adoption was finalized. There are currently 46 States that have sealed records. Thee only
states that I have read about that allow adoptees to unconditional access to records are Oregon, Alaska and Kansas,
Alabama. Good Luck on your search.