Florida Amended Birth Certificate ( False Information ?? )
Female adoptee Born 1965 (adoption finalized in Broward County Florida)

Are there any Florida Adoptees or Birth Families out there that have been REUNITED and compared adoptees amended birth certificate with adoptees original birth certificate ? If so, did you find that the informtion on both certificates was the same or different in the following areas.....

birth certificate number
birth date

Also has anyone received their unidentifying information and found that it contained false information ?
Amended bcertificate in Florida
I would like information also regarding amended birth certificates. I was adopted in 1957 and if the information is correct on the amended bcert, I was born in Dunedin Fl. (Pinellas County). The amended bcert that was issued does not contain weight, time of birth, delivering drs. name or hospital. Any information would be very helpful. I've read that the amended bcert # is different from that of the original and that the amended bcert can be "matched" to the original. I read (and followed up but to no avail) that there is a book that cross-references the amended bcert # with the original #. I've read that it's rare (but it does happen) that the amended bcert contains false information. Please feel free to email me and good luck.
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