I've been watching the threads on many message boards and it's really not an easy thing to do to search them because what you type in the Subject line of the thread is the most important thing. It makes things much easier for the searchers if you put the date of birth and the state or area where the adoptee was born, that will give people an idea of what's on the message rather than clicking on them and having it be someone from New York or other places. While it's good to take awhile and read some other posts that don't necessarily pertain to you, the majority of posters are searching for their loved ones. So make it easier for them to search and include the date of birth and the area of birth when you post a message.
ISO Brother 10/6/1958
I am ISO birth brother born 10/6/1958 in Dubois PA at Maple Avenue Hospital at 10:00am by c-section.
Birth name Kevin Bush or Blick
Birth Mom Evelyn Ciroli Blick (now deceased) of Ridgeway, PA
BF Burton Bush

Relinquished to St. Joseph's Orphanage in Erie, PA shortly after birth. Baby born with a condition known as Epispadias which needed surgery to correct. Final decree on record also in Erie, PA. Have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: PA Free Search Help Here
I am new at this. So I will do the best that I can. I am ISO my half brother. I do not know much, but i will tell you all I know. His birth date I believe is September 1980 he was born in either DuBois, PA or Meadville, Pa. His given name was Jason. I have heard it has changed. His last name on the bith certificate maybe Russell. Our mothers name is Kathy Ann Russell. My last name on my birth certificate is Russell, our mother maiden name. She may have done the same with his.
Help please
I am lokking for biological parents of 2-brother in laws bptj born in PA and adopted in New Jersey. If you think you could help me e-mail me at
pa adoption
hi my name is becky and i was born on 12/13/1964 according to my amended pa birth cert, the county was philadelphia and the last name is cupo, the hospital i was told was olney hospital my birthparents were married with two other children a girl 10 mos older and a boy 2years older. birthparents were divorcing thats why they gave me up. what i would like is to have vital records search for divorces or marriages even the birth cert of my sister which should be public because sibs werent adopted that i know of. hope you can help me, thankyou becky
My name is Ray.I am looking for my birthmother.My name at birth was James Tracz. Birth Mom's name was Joan Tracz. I was born at the Booth Memorial Maternity hospital in Philadelphia.My ammended birth certificate says I was born on July 17 1972 in philadelphia county.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PA Free Search Help
My name is Erika Margerum (previously Erika Bush)
I was born 7/16/1975 and adopted before I was born. My place of birth is Lower Bucks Hospital in Levittown, PA. My birth mother's name is Patricia Smith
I am searching for medical history and if possible birth mother.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!!
iso b/brother, 12/71,phila pa
searching for b/brother, born 12/71, in phila pa ,adoption finalized in spring of 72, private adoption, birth name kenneth j poore
ISO BM born 7/11/76, Upland PA
I am just beginning my search and don't know where to go from here. I was born at Crozer Chester medical center on July 11, 1976. My adoption was finalized January 31, 1977 at Media courthouse. If you could point me in some direction as to where to go from here I would GREATLY appreciate it!
Thank You! Jill Wolfe :confused:
Hi there I tried to email you thru adoption forums and it says that you specified no emails to be sent from here so I thought I'd write and give you a few pointers. First I just added you to my web site for searching. I'm wondering if you have been able to get your origional birth certificate, and if you have either name of parents. Do you have any idea what your birth name was? I checked my web site for birth parents searching and didn't find anyone with that birth date posted, but that doesn't always mean that the birth date that you have is actually the correct one, seeing that doctors back then were known to fudge the actual birth date to protect the birth mother. Not a good thing but it was done regularly
Female 3/26/67 PA - ISO Info
I was born in Cheltenham, PA 3/26/67. Bmom 19, Protestant, unmarried and lived in Montgomery Cty at the time. Bdad 25 and not identified on bc. Given to adoptive parents, who are from NY on 3/29/67. Adoption finalized in Montgomery Cty Orphans Court 10/67.

I am working with a court appointed CI, but have basically received only the above info. Any help you could provide will be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Donna
Searching for mothers birthmother
My mother was born Janurary 16, 1958 at St. Josephs Hospital in I believe Allentown PA.
Any info you have would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thank you! Nichole
Pa search for twins born 6/30/73
I had a set of twins, now named Beth and Brian Wilkinson born on 6/30/73 In Williamsport, Pa. They were adopted to a family In Sheshequin, Pa which Is In Bradford county.
The last I knew, Brian was back living at home with his adoptive parents; Beth got married, and now lives In one of the Carolinas (not sure which one). I have had no real contact with them, but have seen them over the years because they grew up just accross the river from where my family lives. I made It a point to take many rides by their house In hopes of seeing them.
I would very much like to have contact with them, but am not sure how to go about this. I was told that they know who I am, but niether of them have tried to find me - I am not sure what to do....... maybe someone out there can help? I guess I am not sure If I should write a letter, call, or continue to wait. I have searched to no avail for a phone number that supposivly exists where Birth Mom's can leave word that they are Interested In having contact. Has any one any Insight on such a phone number???
Hello, I've just started looking for my son his birth day is 8-15-85 I live in erie pa and any advice or help you could give me would be welcome. Thanks
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