Biracial Adoption
Hello everyone!

If any of you are interested in exploring transracial adoption, here are a few suggestions that you may find helpful.

Both of these books are a must-read:
I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla
Color Complex

Here are a few sites, too:

A site dedicated to transracial adoption.

A site that explores multicultural and transracial adoption.

A site aboiut transracial and transcultural adoption with good biracial adoption info.

One of my favorite sites about black hair and beauty and cultural repercussions. Includes a beautiful poem by Langston Hughes.

A site dedicated to black culture.

A site about multicultural issues.

There are also many useful groups on dealing with interracial families, transracial adoption, etc.

Please remember that to most of America, even if you do adopt a biracial child, s/he will be seen as black, not biracial. This is something I learned after exploring transracial adoption in detail--seems odd to some, but usually true.

Biracial group
There is a great womens\moms group that is just for birth moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, grandmothers. Any women taking care of a biracial child is welcome to join this free forum!! Join today and share you up and downs and your everyday stories. Click the link and join today.


If it does not click just paste it in your browser.
Thank you for all the links. We are a CC family with 5 little girls. Our Addy is only 3 months old but will most likely grow up the only brown skinned child in our family. I have two AA first cousins and have always been around and socialized with African Americans and now that we are in the Northeast - there are a large number of Kenyans that are coming to live in our area. Right now I have such a rosey picture about Addy's life, it breaks my heart to think she wil experience prejudice and racism in her life. I know I will do everything I can to educate myself and raise her to love herself from the inside out. Thanks again!


P.S. A while ago someone recommended a book on
AA hair and the different styles. Right now Addy is as bald as a little billiard ball so I have some time before I need to fix her hair - I'd love to get the book now though - let me know if you've heard of it.
hi martha,

there are two hair books that I know of and like:

one is called Kinki kreations by Jena Williams

and the other is It's all Good Hair by Michelle Collison.

I like both. there are photos, discussions of what and what not to do and nice hair styles. both are available at and other online hair sellers.

hope one of these is the one you're looking for Smile .

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