Two types of scams are on ALL adoption message boards on the internet:
1) Many people have been scammed by someone pretending to be the relinquished child or birthmother. Click on this link for more information: [URL=""][/URL] These scammers change their user names and email addresses frequently so be aware of any suspicious contact especially on a Private Message option.
2) Others scammers post saying they are a FREE SEARCH ANGEL resource when in fact they are not. If you have been contacted by someone who claims to be a free search angel or refers you to someone that they say is a free search angel and then you are asked for a donation or reimbursement of expenses before they will give you any informationŅbe sure and report this person to a moderator. Another ruse isŔthis person did my searchyou should contact themŔ; or contact so and so they found my mother in 2 hours/2 days/etc.Ӕ These are solicitation ads posted by the scammer themselves and violate the Terms of Service for this website. The scammers use many multiple identities and email addresses to avoid detection by the administration of the different websites.
If you cannot complete your search using an honest free search angel group such as Volunteer Search Network and you feel that you need to hire a professional service ALWAYS make sure you that you get a signed contract in writing FIRST guaranteeing that you do not pay for an unresolved search. Get references and contact them.
Post as little information as possible on a public message board. Recommended information is date of birth, gender and city and state of birth. Keep the rest of the information to yourself so that when someone contacts you that you will have private information to compare to see if it is a true match.
Other great websites to check out:
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I was born at the Willows on July 6, 1936. I have just been reading about search angels, and I would be interested in learning more about this. I would be interested in being one. I live in Illinois.