lawyer fee?
I should probably be asking my agency this question, but I wanted to get some input here first just in case the answer is obvious and I am being dumb since I ask my agency SO MANY questions already. Is the lawyer's fee generally included in the foreign program fee charged by the agency? The information I have says "This statement is an approximation of the total fees you can expect." There is no separate fee listed for a lawyer, and I know that everything in the country I am adopting from must be done by a lawyer. Should I ask?

I would definately ask your agency the question about lawyer expenses. You don't want to run into too many unexpected expenses.

For us we have paid our agency for the homestudy, our consultant for all our paperwork, and once we travel we will pay the rest, which is the bulk of the expense. It is in the last payment that our lawyer expenses are included. We only have estimates at this point.

Don't be embarrassed...There are a bunch of us out there just like you. Ask the questions!

In our case, the attorney's fees were included in our "foreign fees". The information from our agency indicated that the foreign fees could be in a particular dollar range "depending on the attorney fees".

Our agency broke out the costs as "Agency Fees", "Foreign Fees" and "DNA Test Fee" and then cautioned that the "above fees to not include Home Study, document processing or travel and lodging costs." However, when all was said and done, they were dead-on in their estimate of out costs.

This should be addressed in any information packet you got from the agency; if it's not specifically mentioned, you might want to ask. If you are even the tinest bit uncomfortable with your communication from the agency, I'd suggest emailing the question to them so you have a paper trail of their response.
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