19-year-old Ethan Johnson was adopted into a family of 13 last year. Through the years, he’s learned to express his feelings through music.

After his adoption, Ethan and three of his siblings joined with five friends to created a band with the purpose of being a voice for kids in foster care. The band is supported by the Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association.

The group meets twice a month to practice, but they also stay in touch over the computer since they are spread throughout the state.

Alyssa Johnson, Ethan’s sister, is also part of the band. She told the Orlando Sentinel that it’s important to get the message out to people that “there’s nothing wrong with these kids. They’re totally great.” Alyssa is a biological child of their parents, but in their family, there is no adopted and no bio–they are just one family. And that’s how Ethan hopes it will be for all children: that they will be able to become a part of a family that will help them feel like they’ve always been together.

Some of the band’s performances are available on YouTube.