After collaboration with parents, children, and foster care advocates, Gov. Eric Greitens signed the Foster Care Bill of Rights into Missouri law. The bill will be effective immediately via an emergency clause. It aims to improve the safety and quality of life for foster care children. The basis is the “best interests of the child shall be the first priority of the children’s division.” The bill adresses the length of child placement and with which guardian the child stays. It extends the definition of child abuse to include sex trafficking and places a 500 foot restriction around children’s museums for anyone convicted of a sex crime against a child.

The Foster Care Bill of Rights failed to address the growing concerns that children in the foster care system are being overprescribed psychotropic drugs. Senator David Sater hopes to handle that issue during the next legislative session.

The bill gained bipartisan support passing the House 136-2 and the Senate 31-1.

You can find the original story as a well as the exact language for the Foster Care Bill of Rights here.