There are a lot of feel-good adoption stories floating around the news, blogs, Facebook and more. But this one is dramatic, indeed!  Jeremy and Kaley Carlings were high school sweethearts. But their love story includes more than teenage wonder.

Kaley always felt captured by the idea of foster care and adoption. And when her lupus became severe enough to require medication that would not allow a pregnancy, the couple got serious about growing their family through adoption. But heartache emerged when their long-hoped-for adoption failed.  It not only failed, but the children and their parents were killed.

The very day that the Carlings got the news about the birth mother’s arrest, they also received great news. Times two! There was a sibling group of two young sisters who needed a home.  AND … a birth mother of twins had selected the Carlings to be their parents.

And so in October of 2016, the Carlings grew from becoming a couple who desperately wanted a family, to being an official family of six. The family includes four daughters. And they are truly a beautiful family!

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