While I was watching a documentary on international adoption, I noticed that the adoptive family was having a really hard time communicating with the children they were adopting. The children were so frustrated that they could not communicate their basic needs to their new parents.

I thought to myself, “There has to be something simple that I could create to help these children communicate despite their language barriers,” so I created these printable cards for families to carry with them. The child will be able to point to what they are needing or feeling or, f they are sick, they can show you where it hurts. These can be folded and easily packed. These were made to be printed as a 12×12, but you could print them in any square size or even just save them on a mobile device.

I hope these can help you in your adoption journey!

Download them here.

P.S. These are also useful for kids with language delays—or in a school setting for kids who speak English as a second language.