7 Ways You Can Get Ready For Your New Baby

You've been waiting and waiting...

Maya Brown-Zimmerman August 03, 2017

Preparing for your new baby can be both exciting and daunting. How do you prepare when you don’t know when you’ll be matched?

Read childcare books
1. Read childcare books

Get a feel for your parenting style. See what child development books you might want for your home library. There are many ways to parent, and reading is a good way to exposure yourself to many philosophies.

Pick a nursery design
2. Pick a nursery design

Decorating the nursery was a big deal for me. I didn’t want to decorate until we were matched, but I had fun picking out what design/colors we’d use for a girl, and what we’d use for a boy. Some people like preparing the nursery ahead of time so if that’s you, then go for it!

Spend time researching cool baby products
3. Spend time researching cool baby products

New baby products are coming out all the time! I’m of the mind that babies actually need very few things, but if you can afford some fun splurges, then why not?

Make a registry
4. Make a registry

You don’t have to buy everything ahead of time. Make a registry, regardless of whether you are planning to have a baby shower. Most registry hosts will give you some kind of discount when you actually do buy from your registry.

Enter blog giveaways for free stuff
5. Enter blog giveaways for free stuff

Twitter is a good place to find giveaways, and you can also Google for blog hops to find lists of giveaways. Nothing beats free!

Talk baby names until your partner can’t take it any more
6. Talk baby names until your partner can’t take it any more

Maybe this is just me, but I’d make lists of baby names and routinely make my husband discuss them with me. He was a good sport about it, but it helped me pass the time!

Buy the items you need for an emergency placement
7. Buy the items you need for an emergency placement

There’s not much you HAVE to have on hand, but if you got The Call tomorrow, you might at least want a car seat, stroller, and a bassinet. Research what brands you might want, test them out, and buy them so you’re ready to go!

What else?
9. What else?

What else are you doing/did you do to pass the time?

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Maya Brown-Zimmerman

Maya Brown-Zimmerman is a mother of three, both biologically and through adoption. She has been blogging since before it was cool, and is passionate about everything from open and ethical adoption to special needs advocacy and patient-physician communication. In her spare time (ha!) she's on the board of directors for a medical nonprofit and enjoys medical and crime dramas. You can read more from her on her blog, Musings of a Marfan Mom.

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