JAR OF PHRASES (age 1-5)

From the day kids begin to speak, no doubt they come up with the cutest phrases! Many parents keep a journal for their children which includes news words and phrases they say. What sweeter gift could there be for a birth mother than to be given a jar filled with those cute phrases, creatively written on strips of paper. Birth mothers will enjoy displaying the decorative jar and pulling out a phrase at her whim.


Colorful toddler handprints on a terra cotta flower pot make for a treasured Birth Mothers’ Day gift. Adding a baggie of potting soil and a package of floral seeds will be a sweet way to fill the pot in preparation for mailing. Consider attaching a card that reads: “With love from your little flower.”


This easy-to-create gift will find a place of honor on the birth mother’s wall. Simply have your child sit next to a wall in a chair. Place a large piece of white paper on the wall next to the child’s face and shine a flashlight toward the child. (This may take some repositioning.) Use a pencil to trace the shadow of your child’s profile – include the neck and shoulders. Remove the paper from the wall and cut out the silhouette. Glue the cutout onto a piece of black cardstock, then frame the silouhette.

JOINT FUN RUN (age 8-adult)

Surprise the birth mother with her entrance fee for a local fun run. This will be extra enjoyable when she finds out her birth child will join her on the run. To make it even more meaningful, choose a run that benefits a cause she is passionate about. Follow up with a framed photo of the two crossing the finish line together!


Live at a distance from the birth mom? Find a favorite cookie recipe. Fill a box with the dry ingredients, a designer spatula, and the recipe written on a card. Invite birth mom to join you over Skype on a Birth Mother’s Day as you bake the same recipe “together.”