The state of Iowa has been taking lots of heat as of late after the horrific starvation deaths of two 16-year-old girls. Both girls had been in foster care before dying in their adoptive families’ care. In response to recent events, Lil’ Miss Iowa Izabella Arndt, an adoptee, and Miss America Ambassador Haley Meyers are doing their part to shed some positive light on the foster care and adoption systems.

Quite often, foster children are taken from their homes without a moment’s notice. They don’t have time to take any personal belongings with them. That means their toys and blankets that makes them feel safe and secure are left behind. Arndt and Meyers decided to donate backpacks full of stuffed animals, blankets, school supplies, and other items for the kids in emergency placement. They delivered 39 backpacks to central Iowa.

These young women feel it’s important for the public to know that even though there are some heartbreaking stories in the news, there are plenty of wonderful, loving foster and adoptive homes.

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