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The Gladney Center for Adoption Presents:
How to adopt a baby webinar

Do you have a hole in your heart that can only be filled through adoption?

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Are you currently thinking...?

1 | "I don’t even know where or how to start the adoption process."
2 | "There are so many families wanting to adopt, I don’t know if we’ll get chosen."
3 | "Adoption is so expensive, we’ll never be able to afford to adopt a baby."
And a dozen other questions, right?

What if we could help you feel differently?

1 | "Want a laid-out process to get started on your adoption journey?"
2 | "Want to gain exposure from expectant mothers using our programs?"
3 | "Want to learn the ins-and-outs to pay for your adoption?"

What will we help you with?

  • A clear path to starting your adoption journey
  • Assistance with completing your home study
  • Help setting up your family profile
  • Learn how to optimize your profile to get noticed
  • Provide methods to help you pay for adoption
  • Lifetime pre- and post-adoption education
  • On campus, phone and in-home clinical services
  • And much, much more!

Common questions, we can answer?

Expectant parents plan adoption for a myriad of reasons. We encourage you to seek out birth parent stories to hear for yourself! Here is Xena’s story:

Hear more birth parent stories.

Each relationship between adoptive parents and birth parents after placement is unique and nuanced. In most cases today, there is some degree of openness. Current research makes it clear that Adoptees do better when they better understand where they came from and why they were placed for adoption. Birth parents are better able to process their grief when they maintain some degree of connection with their birth child and his or her family.

Most of Gladney’s post-adoption relationships today involve regular exchanges of photos and updates between birth parents and adoptive parents and a yearly visit.

Families create a profile book as well as an online profile that shares information about their family with expectant parents. Most of the time, expectant parents work with their caseworker to determine what they are looking for in the child’s adoptive family. Our team pulls a cultivated selection of profile books of families that could be a great match. We determine which families to send by selecting longest waiting families that have potential to be an excellent match.

Additionally, expectant parents have the freedom to peruse profile of all of the families who opt in online. More and more families are matched this way each year.

Gladney requires that families be open to a child of either sex. We do, however, work with families to determine which children they are well equipped to parent. We will work with families open to a variety of factors in an expectant parents’ backgrounds.

While the infants in this program are typically healthy with no or limited identified present medical needs, we frequently place children who have some substance exposure in utero. Additionally, we place children whose birth parents have a variety of diagnoses in their mental and physical health backgrounds.

Because this is a voluntary adoption program, most of the time, a birth family makes a plan for a child during pregnancy or shortly after birth. While we do place toddlers occasionally, it is not as common for a family to choose adoption for a child that they are parenting.

All families pay an all-inclusive fee of $57,500. You can learn about what services are included under this fee here.

It is very rare. The team at Gladney does all that we can to ensure that our adoptions are legally secure as quickly as possible. We work hard to ensure that families understand the degree of legal risk to a potential match and they have the option to decide whether or not they are comfortable with the level of anticipated legal risk.

What will you learn from the webinar?

  • Define Gladney’s infant adoption program
  • Discuss reasons why an expectant parent chooses adoption
  • Learn all the adoption services provided to adoptive parents & expectant parents
  • Highlight what open adoption looks like
  • Discuss Gladney’s all inclusive fee structure
  • Highlight qualifications of hopeful adoptive parents
  • Learn what the next steps are to move forward on your adoption journey

135+ years of bringing families together, what is it like working with us?

There are many layers to our daughter Olivia’s adoption... We just knew our number one goal was for Olivia to be a proud Black woman, and this included loving her skin color and hair... Olivia is 10 years old. She is a proud Black girl, and she will tell you just that. She loves the richness of her skin color and her bouncy curls, and she knows she comes from a line of strong and resilient people...We are constantly evolving and becoming better parents to our children, no matter how many layers their adoption presents...We are so fortunate to have a great support system of friends and family and our Gladney community... Jessica - Gladney Mom


How do our services compare, to other agencies?


Gladney Center for Adoption

Other Adoption Providers Based on Market Research
All-Inclusive Fee including the following:
Pay for specific services, if offered
My Gladney personal adoption portal to assist with paperwork, communication & education
Not offered
Free Adoption Orientation
Professional financial consultation with Gladney's CFO
Not offered
Home study & home study updates
$1,500 - $3,000
Financial Assistance through Gladney's Scholarship program
Not offered
Professional & compassionate caseworkers, one for you & a separate caseworker for your expectant mother
$3,000 - $5,000 for each party
Digital & hard copies of your profile books
Marketing & communications services managed by Gladney to help connect you with women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy
Paid expectant parent expenses (includes medical & dental care, counseling, housing, nutrition, connection to community resources & legal services) with a no risk guarantee of unexpected adoption expenses
$5,000 - $70,000
Match Services to help you prepare for meeting the parents of your new baby
$4,000 - $6,000
Arrangement of Post Adoption agreement between you and your child's birth parents
Not offered
Free Gladney Family Association membership for the first year
Not offered
Lifelong post adoption services & records maintenance
Not offered
Free Gladney University parent & child welfare education programs... for life
Not offered

We offer 5 simple steps to get you on your way towards adoption...

Group orientation
Adoption paperwork
Gladney Application
Home study

Let's recap what you’ll get with Gladney.

  • all-inclusive fee
  • personal adoption portal to recieve help
  • free adoption orientation
  • professional financial consultation
  • 2 caseworkers, one for you and one for your expectant mother
  • digital & hard copies of your profile books
  • marketing and communication services
  • paid expectant parent medical and legal services with a no risk guarantee
  • expectant parent matching services
  • arrangement of post-adoption agreement services
  • free one-year membership to the Gladney Family Association
  • free post-adoption services and records maintenance
  • free Gladney University membership for life
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