“Discover the Promise” is the town’s motto. Officials in Greece, New York are encouraging families to jump on the adoption bandwagon this month. November is National Adoption Month, and cities and states all over the country are working to increase adoption awareness.

Greece–a town in Monroe County–opened up about the state’s statistics: According to the Henrietta Post, here are currently nearly 30,000 children in the New York State foster care system. Children who become adoptable while in the system wait, on average, five years to be adopted. Those are five crucial years for these children, some of whom will age out before the blessing of family becomes a reality. Right now, of those nearly 30,000 children, over 7,500 have been freed for adoption. Those 7,500+ children are hoping to personalize the town’s motto so they, too, can “discover the promise” and enjoy stable, permanent family life.

For more information about adopting from foster care in Monroe County, please call 585-753-6533, or visit New York’s Office of Children and Family Services.