“When I came to work this morning I wasn’t a grandma, and now I am,” Sharon Bloomingdale said over and over again at the office.

Three weeks after being approved for adoption, Sharon’s daughter and son-in-law were matched with a beautiful baby girl. So Laura and Josh picked up their priceless treasure and headed to Sharon’s workplace to surprise her. They caught every bit on camera. Laura first presented Sharon with a gift—a baby girl onesie. After breaking down in tears, Sharon got to lay eyes on her granddaughter. But that didn’t stop the flow of tears.

Sharon is not only thrilled to have become a grandma, she’s thrilled to have a little piece of life in common with baby Ellie. They are both adopted. Sharon was adopted as an infant, too.

“It’ll be great for Ellie to see the video when she grows up and know that grandma loved her even before she got to know her,” Laura told the local news.

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