Most widely known for her role in the Harry Potter films as Cho Chang, the girl who gave Harry his first kiss, actress Katie Leung’s latest acting adventure was for BBC2’s One Child. She plays the part of a young woman born to Chinese parents who relinquished her because of the country’s one-child policy. They already had a son. Katie Leung’s character is adopted as an infant to a couple in the UK. The drama unfolds as she is brought back to China to help her brother escape the death penalty after being falsely accused of murder.

In an interview with TV Times , Leung shares a bit about her experiences filming the drama as well as the research she participated in which included a visit with a Chinese adoptee who lived the life of the character Leung portrayed.

One Child is a two-part drama.  An overview of the show as well as insight into Katie’s character, her feelings as an adoptee and her hopes to save her brother, are discussed by Katie on Sundance TV.