Hank Fortener is a strong advocate for adoption. Having grown up in a family filled with adopted children, both domestically and internationally, Hank was especially affected when his foster brother of 2 1/2 years was taken from their home to live with a distant aunt.

His parents continued to visit him and found he was living in horrible circumstances, drinking out of the toilet and such. Just a few years later, his former foster brother ran away from that home, having been swept into a cycle of hardship. Hank continues to have sad, negative feelings about not being able to protect him.

And so Hank began AdoptTogether.org – an organization that assists hopeful adoptive parents so they can afford to help the thousands of children who need homes come to have forever families. The organization has raised over $8 million and to date has helped over 2,000 families be formed through adoption.

Watch this video interview by People Magazine as Hank explains the importance of matching families and children so together the world can become a better place.