Good things can happen to good people. And that is what happened to Garry and Kyle Ratcliffe. They adopted four children, each with special needs, including cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, epilepsy, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The Sun reported that “Garry, a headteacher, and Kyle, a stay-at-home dad, said that they adopted their kids because they were determined to give the children a better start in life.”

Hayden was the first to be adopted. Curtis followed (who was originally given only few months left to live). Then Bella and Phoebe came into the family. Garry and Kyle adopted the biological sisters so they would not be split up and adopted separately into different homes. Their attitude is to provide for and love children that other parents would pass over because of the children’s disabilities

Their original home was a small three-bedroom bungalow and didn’t have enough bedrooms for the children. Rooms other than bedrooms were used for sleeping to accommodate everyone. But with the help of Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team, they now have a brand new, five-bedroom home. The home also has medical equipment needed for the children and the bedrooms are all decorated to fit the personalities of the children. According to the Sun, “Bella got her very own pink room with cloud-printed wallpaper, Phoebe got a chilled-out bedroom of her own, and Curtis got a colorful bedroom to relax in.”

This selfless family has a wonderful new start in a home customized for them. Kyle said, “It’s enabling our kids to be more than they are, which is really important”.

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