The Department of Children and Families in Connecticut works hard to find relatives and friends of the children in their foster care system who would be willing to become their families.  But the sad reality is that too many of Connecticut’s 1,200 foster children bounce around until they turn 18.  And then it’s too late.

FOX CT, in covering National Adoption Month, spoke with German Rojas, a young man who has been in the foster care system for six years and is now 18.  He’s grateful to DCF for helping move toward his educational goals.  But too many others in the system end up on the streets when they turn 18.

Community Residences, Inc. is an agency contracted by Connecticut’s DCF to find foster and adoptive families for the children in need.  Among other things they offer training for foster and adoptive parents.  Their emphasis is on serving children who have greater than average needs because of past trauma.