Hope Anchors the Soul

Anchor yourself to something special.

Terra Cooper November 21, 2014

Adoption is hard.  There are a lot of emotions and pain that comes with it.  There can also be such beauty and love.  Share that with others and see your life change into something beautiful.

You are my anchor
1. You are my anchor

In adoption, there are many waves that will come. You need someone to help you through the highs and lows. Find a support group, confide in a friend, talk to a counselor, or write in your journal. Don't try to do it on your own.

True friends will stay around
2. True friends will stay around

You will find that in your roughest storms, your true friends will stick by your side. They will be there to support and guide you, but never weigh you down.

Never give up!
3. Never give up!

There will be days that you feel like giving up. Refuse to sink! Keep that head above water. You can do hard things. You already have.

You will be bound together forever
4. You will be bound together forever

"Children are the anchors of a mother's life." -Sophocles. People are connected to each other through a child in adoption. Birth mothers to the child, adoptive mothers to the child, adoptive mothers to the birth mother, and so on. Build a relationship with those that you are anchored to forever that will last life's roughest storms.

Don't let life get you down
5. Don't let life get you down

Don't ever feel alone in adoption. There are others who have walked the path ahead of you. Reach out, share your story, don't let your burdens drag you down. Use your story to lift others along the way. Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.

Let go and move forward
6. Let go and move forward

Don't let your past define you. Let go, move forward. Don't look back with regrets. Move forward with hope.

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Terra Cooper

Terra Cooper is a Staff Storyteller at Adoption.com. She is a mother of three-- two boys and one girl who was adopted. She is also a professional wedding photographer, a self-proclaimed foodie, and a TV/movie addict. Visit her website.

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