The bond between siblings is a special bond; it is an exclusive bond. Even though I was an only child, I saw the sibling connection in my friends. It is a relationship that should be valued and not discredited. This will not eliminate bickering between siblings, but when needed, they will be there for each other. Siblings in foster care and adoption tend to form an especially special bond because of the void created by their circumstances. However in many representations, adoption receives a negative connotation. Most media does not depict adoption in a positive light. But in this article, the movie A Wrinkle in Time depicts this relationship between siblings beautifully.

What is the best way to advocate and prepare your family for a new child you are adopting? This article shares many important factors such as to prepare, to go with change, and to allow the children time to build their relationship.


It is important to talk with your child/children and educate them as much as possible. This should include reading books and explaining to them what changes might occur with another child in the home.


Going with change means that when your new child comes into your home, you need to allow the time for the child to get to know and become comfortable with your immediate family first. Introducing them to other new faces, friends, and relatives could create additional stress for them. Keep things simple for a while.

Building a Relationship

Finally, allow the children to build and form their own relationships. Remember, it is going to be an adjustment for all of the children, and there will be some ups and downs. Allow the children to find their balance in the home by themselves which will allow for the most natural relationships.

In the movie and book, Meg is a biracial girl, and her parents adopt her Filipino brother, Charles Wallace. Throughout the story, adoption is depicted as “a norm and a gift.” Prior to the adoption, Meg’s parents discuss with her the changes adopting a sibling will bring to the family. They are frank and open with her, knowing that although there will be many positives, there could also be negatives, and her life will be impacted. While the movie shows the positive side of adoption, it also doesn’t shy away from the questions that an adopted child might face, including abandonment and unknowns about biological history. The story depicts Meg and Charles’s relationship and how it grows and unfolds over time. Meg refuses to leave Charles and stands by his side throughout the story. A Wrinkle in Time is a wonderful story and reflects the love between a brother and sister.