Until I was four years old, I lived in a terrible home. None of my most basic needs were met, and I was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. When I was placed in the care of my foster mother, I began to wonder and began to see what a good life could be like. She was kind and warm and truly cared about my future. I will always be grateful that she was the person who recommended my adoptive mother, and changed my future for ever, for the better.

I met my adoptive mother soon after my fifth birthday. Even at only five years old, I had many attachment issues, and I struggled to feel or give love. I often tried to run away in the first year of placement, but I always came home to find a patient, loving adoptive mother who would not give up on me.

It must have been hard for her. It took over a year for me to begin calling her “Mom,” to hold her hand, or to let her tuck me in at night. But her patience persevered, and I grew to love her with all of my heart.

I am now twenty-two years old. I am happy, and productive. Currently, I’m in school studying to be a social worker, and I plan to adopt a child of my own someday.

The courage and insight of my foster mother led me to my adoptive mother, the woman who would love and accept me becoming who I am now. I am now someone who smiles and laughs. I feel joy every day– something that wouldn’t seem very likely for someone who was abused so much, and so young.

My whole life now is proof that unconditional love, a warm household, and a little faith can change the whole course of a child’s life.