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I Knew You

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Did you know that I knew you when you were only “5” years old?
You didn’t know me..but I knew you…
I knew you were really a little cutie-with big brown eyes and a charming little smile!
I knew you when you were “10” too –
You didn’t know me..but I knew you!
I know that by this time you were probably a little “ham” that always had everyone laughing – still a little boy though!
I knew you when you were “16” – oh, boy…
You didn’t know me but I knew you!
Really getting to be a “good looking” young man with an “attitude”, also very independant, but still a little boy!
I knew you when you were “18” – ready to turn the world upside down. Stay out of my way –
A real “charmer” now and knowing how to walk it! But still a little boy!
I didn’t know you from then to “33” – mainly because you didn’t know yourself –
but you were looking – looking all the time…and wondering!!
I know this because I was looking also – looking and wondering to!
I knew you were out there and I was going to find you!
Find you for you and find you for me…
Then it happened – because it was time
The wondering was over – the looking was too!
The knowing was just to begin…the knowing that I knew you!
You were everthing I imagined you would be – you were more than I hoped you would be!
You were still that little boy – I knew at “5” yet a young man to learn to know of “35”.
Through the years we each our different ways…
Our lives may have been different..but they were going towards the same…
It was only a matter of time…never again will we have to wonder
Because we are here now…this is where we were all coming to…
And now we know – wondering no more…
We are where we belong, Lee – oh Lee…oh how I see… I see your father in you! And then I see you in the love in his eyes.
“You may not have come through me…but you came to me..that is why I knew you!
That is why you know me now…
With forever love…your other mom…. Nancy

(This is written for my husband’s son whom I found in 2000. I had been searching for him for 18 years. He was given up for adoption by my husband and his girlfriend when they were 18 and 16. I already had 2 sons when I met my husband, and he told me he had a son somewhere out there. I told him I would find him someday, and I did…almost 30 years later. We had 3 daughters, and they all knew of him from the very beginning. So he had 3 little half sisters waiting for him. I have loved him ever since I knew of him…)

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