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I Must Find

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I MUST FIND the other part of me
There’s a part thats’s missing. Don’t you see?
If I find it-it will make me a whole person
And stop this feeling that I have been nursin’.
All my life I have stuck out my chin
And said “Too bad! So sad! If I don’t fit in;”
Like me or leave me. It’s not a question of LOVE
Because I don’t what know what I was born of___
It was supposed to be wonderful that you could
Choose and pick
Then you took me to a head doctor who said i made you sick.
Well, it’s not my fault But I’m not sure that’s true
Because what I feel on the outside isn’t always what
I do.
I watch my own baby growing and try not to miss a trick
In hopes I’ll discover that missing piece and be able
To stick
…it away-where it belongs; maybe my heart will unlock
the door
And I’ll find what it is that i’ve been looking for.
Each time that i see ME in my own little son…
It sets me to wondering about what I came from.
SOMEONE CARED ENOUGH to carry me beneath their heart
While that part of me was being formed that I glimpse
Now and then But I can’t reach out and hold on to it…
I don’t believe that it’s true that blood doesn’t matter
I watch my folks with my brother and sister and feel sadder,
Maybe if i’d been a good girl instead of shopping around
For love,
I wouldn’t have seemed different in what i’m made of.
My heart says that; but, how can I know if it’s true…
If I can’t find that part of me that’s’ missing—

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