With two couples trying to get visas to bring their adopted children out of India and home to the United States, Delhi High Court is researching details on the adoption processes. Currently, there are no guidelines in India regarding intercountry adoption of children who are not orphans. India’s adoption laws deal only with abandoned and surrendered children who are orphans. The two couples who are petitioning India’s courts to issue visas to their adopted children have not yet been successful because the biological parents surrendered their children directly to the adoptive couples.

The long delay, as India works to create adoption laws dealing with biological parents, means that these U.S. couples are making numerous trips to India in order to spend time with their adopted children. The children are living with biological relatives, but every party is anxious for the children to be released to their adoptive parents.

The full story may be read at India’s Economic Times.  Intercountry adoption of India’s orphans is not a problem and details of India’s adoption laws are available at the Intercountry Adoption site of the U.S. Department of State.