Chloe from Moving Works on Vimeo.

Walt and Annie grew up as neighbors, grew as friends, and then grew into becoming a family unit.  This incredible story of love, unity, infertility, and family is proof of God’s love and His choice to be in the details of our lives.  Family is of God, and when we turn our desires over to Him–as Walt and Annie did–our story becomes His and miracles occur.  Walt and Annie as well as Chloe’s birth mother, Allison, will tell you that there are no coincidences. God is not a God of happenstance or accidents.  He is a God of love and God of miracles.  In Walt and Annie’s story, the miracle isn’t just the creation of Chloe, but is also the change God encouraged in their hearts.  He turned the pain of infertility into the joy of adoption for Walt and Annie.