“Because of a changing adoption climate,” said the California-based Independent Adoption Center, after closing their doors immediately. That’s well and good for a business to decide – when it doesn’t affect individuals. But for many couples, including Luis and Liz Ortiz, it’s a huge personal financial loss. The finances, though devastating, they will get over, but they were in the process of growing their family through adoption. Now it has all come to halt.

Liz and Luis are just two of the hundreds of individuals whose dreams are at a standstill.  Hopeful adoptive father, Chris Lacey lives in South Carolina. The news was just as devastating to him as to other hopeful parents. “For us, it was like being stabbed in the heart,” he said. “You trust this nonprofit adoption business to help us find a child that we’ve been looking for for so many years. … We felt completely deserted.” Couples and individuals all over the country are being slammed with the news.

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