One in 6 couples suffers from infertility. Yet, many who are close to these couples don’t even know.  Unfortunately, there is shame attached to infertility which prevents some from moving forward with positive options for creating families.  One short documentary brings the subject of infertility to the public.

On Infertile Ground shares hope in the form of new medical technology.  It also addresses what absolutely does not work, including advice from well-meaning friends and family.  The film crew who created this short video is in the process of producing several short documentaries, following couples on their journeys to create families.  The series will include couples who have had failed IVF treatments, some who suffer from medical ailments which prevent conception, and a couple traveling overseas for an egg donation.  Although each of these situations is unique, the pain and emotional struggle are remarkably similar in each situation. Those who struggle with infertility are not alone.

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Resolving Infertility Grief Before Adopting

“Anyone who has ever experienced grief for whatever reason knows that it is powerful and can wreak havoc on a person’s emotions, resulting in both mental and physical trauma that sadly, oftentimes, doesn’t seem to come with an expiration date.”

Adopting After Infertility

“At what point do you stop pursuing fertility treatments and begin pursuing adoption? How far do you allow technology to enter into the business of conceiving a child? The answers to these questions depend on the people involved.”

My Journey from Infertility to Fostering to Adoption

“I found my mission to help others who have experienced trauma to find their voices. I share our story to let people know, that while our journey may be vastly different, we are together in this quest. We are loving parents who arrived at parenthood through distinct paths. Look at us now.”

When Infertility Makes You Feel Inadequate as a Woman | NIAW

“In many ways, infertility is all-consuming. We think about it, try to overcome it, spend money on resolving it, grieve over it, harbor bitterness toward it, and pray for it to leave us alone. Women, in particular, may attach their struggles with fertility to their very sense of wholeness. Our bodies are designed to carry children. Of course, that is not all our bodies are capable of doing, and there are many women who choose not to have children—but for women who desperately want to bring a baby into the world, infertility has slammed that door, locked it, and thrown away the key.”

Please Don’t Adopt If You Haven’t Grieved Your Infertility

“The visible scars of infertility may fade over time, but the inner scars of grief can linger far past when visible scars fade for many couples who have struggled to conceive.”

Adoption Does Not Cure Infertility

“I sat in the NICU holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms. My eyes were wet with tears of joy, and I did my best to breathe in every sacred moment. Through many miracles we had found each other and just as I had imagined he fit perfectly in my arms. It stands as one of the most beautiful, complete moments of my life. I felt peace and believed the years of ache, tears, and yearnings were over. I was wrong. Adoption did not cure my infertility.”