A 26-year-old adoptive mother of three little boys now hopes to be able to get pregnant.  For the first time in her life, Lindsey actually has a chance at becoming pregnant.  She was born without a uterus, but never gave up hope that at some point she would be able to experience pregnancy. Although Lindsey may be able to become pregnant, the transplant is temporary.  Her body and new uterus may support one to two pregnancies and then will have to be removed.

Lindsey expressed deep gratitude to her deceased donor (a 30-year-old woman) and to the donor’s family:  “They have provided me with a gift I will never be able to repay and I am beyond thankful for them,” Lindsey stated in a news conference.

Lindsey is the first in the U.S. to get a uterus transplant. Transplants in Sweden have already resulted in the hoped-for outcome of a live birth.