Are you considering domestic adoption? This panel of specialists introduce themselves and the roles they play in helping domestic adoptions take place.

First, meet Jason, an adoption attorney. Jason knows the importance of his clients having access to him throughout the adoption process. He is anxious to help his clients understand the legal aspect of adoption.

Nicole is an adoptive mother who expresses her intense gratitude to birth families. She advises prospective adoptive parents to recognize that all adoption experiences are unique. The outcome may be similar to other adoptions, but the process is often different than what one might expect.

Our third panelist, Kindle, is an adoptive mother of three children. In Kindle’s introduction she talks about her feelings about children with special needs. Kindle and her husband’s approach to coming to know if this son with special needs belongs to them is one to be emulated.

Finally, meet Josh – an adoptive father and a social worker. Josh knows it’s important for hopeful adoptive families to be educated about adoption and then to be prepared to be the best adoptive parents they can be. He knows that it is important to provide information and assistance to families who hope to adopt.

Meeting this panel will provide some background as you view future videos of the panel addressing topics of interest to those participating in and hoping for domestic adoption.