There is so much to consider and handle when in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. Not the least of these is the choice to parent or to place for adoption. For those who choose to place, there are even more decisions to make. 

What will be best for the baby those first few minutes or days of life?  What will be best for the birth mom, for the adoptive parents? Is it okay for me to bond with the baby? Will it help with healing or hurt? Will it confuse the baby, or give the baby comfort and solace?


In this video, baby and birth parent bonding is discussed by both birth mothers and professionals. Birth parents are encouraged to remember that you are not “birth parents” until the child is placed— you are parents! Bonding with the child has the potential to bring you great joy.  But with joy comes the potential for pain. However, when bonding the grieving process takes a path that can create greater, longer-term healing.