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Jehovah’s Witness ADOPTION


Jehovah’s Witness is a Christian denomination with beliefs that are separate from that of mainstream Christianity. They report a membership of about 20 million, 8 million of which are active evangelists. They are known to have an active presence in nearly every country, despite making up a small part of the population. They are most commonly known for visiting door-to-door, meeting in Kingdom Halls, and controversial beliefs such as objecting from military service or saluting to a nation’s flag, and denying blood transfusions. Jehovah’s Witness church run operations consist mostly of printing publications, charity, and humanitarian aid.


Jehovah’s Witnesses believe to belong to a restored church of God, maintained by a church governing hierarchy, and supported through studying, interpreting, and applying scripture found in the Bible. They focus on being guided by God’s word instead of by man. They find salvation through faith in Jesus, baptism, and living a life of faith and dedication to the kingdom of God.

Adoption Background

There is no official adoption or foster care system by Jehovah’s Witness, and there are currently no known privately operated independent Jehovah’s Witness adoption agencies, but there are many foster homes run by Jehovah’s Witness individuals.

NOTE: Jehovah’s Witnesses prefer adopting or placing children within their own religion if possible, but are open to other options.

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