Any day now, the Seewald family will be announcing the birth of their second child. TLC’s Counting On star, Jessa Duggar, has always wanted a large family. And, much like their experience with their first child, they have not picked a name out for the baby soon to be born. In fact, although they know the gender, they haven’t even revealed that information to fans. If it’s like their first baby, they won’t have a name for days after the birth. So fans are following closely for any information the family is willing to share!

Living in a 2-bedroom home, the couple talks of a bigger house before growing their family through adoption. But what kind of adoption they plan is yet to be determined. A love of children, and with a desire to help others in need, Jessa and Ben have talked about adoption through foster care. It’s unclear if they will be able to go this route and still continue with the show. Privacy issues with foster children are strict, and it may not work to have reality TV cameras following the family around, only getting shots of the back of the kids’ heads.

So for now, Duggar fans can be content knowing that Jessa and Ben have confirmed their desire to adopt … sometime in the future.

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