Not only is Angelina Jolie entering the throws of being a single parent, but she has recently been slammed with the news that her adopted daughter’s birth mother would now like contact.

In 2005, when Pitt and Jolie began the adoption process, they were told that they were adopting an AIDS orphan. It was at least two years later they learned that Zaraha’s birth mother was alive in Ethiopia. Now Mentewab Dawit Lebiso, grateful that her daughter has Angelina for a mother, is asking for the adoption to be opened so Zahara can know her roots. Mentewab is quick to point out that although she is shocked and saddened at the Pitt/Jolie split, she believes they are both good parents and grateful her daughter has had a good life. She is not asking to have Zahara back – just to have contact.

How the situation will play out is unknown. It is also unknown whether Zahara wants contact with her birth mother at this time. Fans of both Brad and Angelina will want to stay informed on how the process plays out.