If you thought you had a busy week, think about Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Not only did he and his team have a win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, he and his family also officially adopted a baby girl.

The Friday before this game, Jordy and his family traveled to San Antonio to finalize the adoption of their newest daughter, Adda Jo, in court. According to the CBS sports article, Texas state law requires a child to live with their family for at least six months prior to the finalization of their adoption. This is their third child and the second adoption for Jordy’s family. They adopted a son, Brooks, back in February 2015.

Adda Jo has been living with Jordy’s family for almost 7 months, since her birth, and now is officially Jordy’s daughter. The judge took to social media to congratulate Jordy and his family on the adoption that he was honored to preside over. “Today I was blessed to have Emily and Jordy Nelson come before me to adopt. This is a wonderful couple and a beautiful family. Congratulations to the Nelsons! They personify service and exemplify love.”

Jordy has been a longtime advocate of adoption and is an ambassador for Jockey, who works to “strengthen adoptive families through post-adoptive services by funding national and local adoption-related nonprofit organizations,” according to a news article,  .

Through Jockey, Jordy shared his family’s story and passion for adoption. He is also open about his family’s infertility struggle. He has shared about his previous adoption experiences, explaining that after the birth of their biological son, they were unable to have any other children biologically, so they were led to adoption. Jordy states, “We just figured adoption was a great way for us to grow our family.”

It is wonderful when celebrities and sport stars use their platforms to support adoption and share part of their life story, as well as life struggles. It is something we all can relate to, and that is what makes it inspiring.