Adoption affects many families, some drastically, some indirectly. Adoption plays a role in Beverly Woodard’s life daily, in both her work and personal life, as she shared with NBC News 4. As an adoption judge, she gets the privilege of working daily in finalizing forever families. She has been in this position for many years and considers it an honor to have the authority to play such a vital role in a family’s life.

She also gained the privilege of becoming a forever mother to a daughter whom she adopted as a baby. She stated that she knew something was missing in her life, and that thing was motherhood. She knew adoption was not a short or easy process, but she also knew that the waiting and the process would be worth all the challenges. Beverly’s life changed forever when she received that call.  “We have a match for you.” Her daughter is now 25.

It is important to remember that there are no typical cases for adoption or foster care. It is also not for the faint of heart. The goal for foster care is primarily for reunification with the biological parents, but that goal may become unrealizable and the children will be placed for adoption.  It will not be an easy process  “You will likely experience strong emotions as you help your child process the loss and grief that go along with adoption from foster care,” writes foster adoptive mom Shannon Hicks. But, she adds, “Your child is worth it.”