“Stop trying to get kids back with birth parents when their birth parents aren’t measuring up,” says Governor Bevin and his wife, Glenna, from Kentucky. ”We’ve made it so convoluted, so bureaucratic, so confusing, so time-consuming, so frustrating, that people finally say, ‘Enough!’ That was our experience. It’s part of why we’re sitting here. It’s a part of why I ran for governor.”

The Bevins aren’t all talk. Now a family of 11, some of their nine children are adopted. But the Bevins adopted their children internationally because the broken foster care system in the United States has made it too difficult to navigate an adoption. They hope that the work they’re doing in their own state to change the status quo will make a difference and allow foster children to be properly cared for. They also hope that their advocacy will reach beyond state borders and cause a ripple effect of change.

Watch the Governor and his wife here.