R&B Artist Keyshia Cole announced this month that the long search for her birth father is over. And there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow! Paternity tests affirmed that boxing trainer Virgil Hunter is Keyshia’s long sought-after birth father.

Keyshia’s birth mother, Frankie Lons, placed Keyshia for adoption with a family friend after recognizing she couldn’t adequately care for her daughter. It was originally a temporary placement, as Frankie was hoping to get herself into a better situation. But prostitution, drug addiction, and being in and out of jail proved to be a life that was not suitable to raising a child. And so Yvonne Cole became Keyshia’s mother. In this short clip advertising Episode 6 “The Truth Surrounding Keyshia’s Adoption,” we hear from Frankie.

It’s not hard to understand that Frankie never had much good to say about any men—even Keyshia’s birth father. Being a prostitute was a difficult life and certainly tainted Frankie’s feelings. But that didn’t change Keyshia’s desire to find her birth father. Some of her search was documented on BET’s reality TV series, Keyshia Cole, All In. Fans of the show and fans of Keyshia have been following her search for her birth father and have been disappointed with her when paternity tests came back inconclusive. So this month, when Keyshia announced on her Instagram Account and during a concert that she’s found her father, there was much rejoicing around the world!

Since finding her birth father this month, Keyshia has spent a bit of time with him. “I can tell, my heart pumps his blood,” she said on an Instagram post. It has been 34 years and the surprise reunion has the attention of many boxing fans and R&B fans. Congratulations to both birth father and adoptee for finding each other!