Various sources have quoted Nicole Kidman saying she is interested in becoming a foster parent. The 49-year-old actress and mother of four spoke sacredly of motherhood. “It’s why when you give birth they go, ‘Quickly hold your baby, smell your baby.’ As soon as that bond is formed, that’s it. You know that feeling of you would die for that child.” Protective of the privacy of all of her children, Nicole spoke only of her unconditional love for them.

The desire to mother doesn’t end with her two adopted and two biological children. She is keeping her heart open to welcome more children into her family. Nicole talked of her grandmother who had a baby at age 49 … she doesn’t consider herself too old to have another child. Having never been a foster mother, she has expressed interest in that as well, she knows that she could offer the same unconditional love for a foster child as she has for her four children now.