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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the LDS or Mormon church) is a Christian restorationist church, is the fourth largest Christian denomination in the U.S., and is believed by its followers to be the original church of Jesus Christ established during his ministry. The LDS church currently has a membership of over 15 million, with the majority of its members located on the North and South American continents.

The faith is most well known for its large missionary force of 74,000, its many located temples in various countries, and its consistent presence in the mainstream media and political landscape. The main headquarters of the church are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, along with its other operations dedicated to supporting the organization of the faith and its members.

Today the church operates schools and universities, news and social media, welfare and charity programs, adoption and foster care programs, and humanitarian aid organizations.


LDS (Mormon) members believe in God the Father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as three separate beings who work in unison together. They understand and believe salvation is found through faith and belief on Jesus Christ as the Son of God and their Savior, keeping his commandments, and through living his teachings daily.

LDS beliefs, rites, and practices derive from a combination of revelations God provided to church leaders (most notably Joseph Smith), and religious texts called the “standard works,” which are made up of: the Bible, the Book of Mormon (described to be another testament of Christ), a collection of revelations called the Doctrine and Covenants, and an ancient text called the Pearl of Great Price.

The LDS church government is organized and lead by a hierarchical priesthood made up of men, and a complementing organization made up of women called the Relief Society. With the exception of full-time leadership positions, nearly all church leadership and work is on a volunteer basis without stipend.

Adoption Background

LDS Family Services is the official adoption service owned and operated by the LDS church, the website is operated and managed by As part of these services, the faith offers counseling and guidance for adoptive parents, birth parents, and single expectant parents. For more information, visit the adoption page on the LDS church website. LDS members can also be found owning, operating, and working in private adoption services, foster care, and children’s homes around the world.

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