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Longing For A Birth Mother

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In the womb of one I never knew I grew as one with her until the day she gave me birth
And gave me up and stepped out of my life for the rest of hers.
But now as I reach the autumn of my years, shelved emotions of forbidden questions begin to
Tumble down unbidden. Questions that can no longer be silenced.
Who am I?
Who was she?
Why was I never meant to be raised by the one who first called me her child?
Why do I care more than I ever thought I possibly could?
Would it all best be left undone?
Do I look more like my father or my mother?
Did either of them ever think of what became of me?
The questions, Lord, keep coming.
And as I turn to face them, please help me embrace them without fear.
Remind me that because I call you Father,
My worth is ultimately in You.

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