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Love Takes Time to Grow

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“I love you.”
“Oh my child, how could you love me, we just met?”
“You don’t love me?”
“No my child, though I’m fond of you, Love takes time to grow…
It takes patience, honesty and trust.”
“Will you give me away, like all the others did?”
“Does that scare you? It scares me too…”
“It does?”
“Yes child, I’m afraid that we won’t get along…
I’m afraid I won’t know what to say or do…
But most of all I’m afraid that you’ll want to go away.”
“What if I end up loving you and you still don’t love me?”
“Do you know what real love is my child?”
“I think so…
It’s when you want to stay with someone and never leave.”
“That is true, but it’s so much more…
It’s when you trust someone with your very life…
It’s when you will do anything to bring happiness to them…
It’s when you know you can say anything, do anything, feel anything,
and know the one you love will always love you no matter what…
It’s when you feel that you are a part of them that could never be
torn apart…
And the way that you will know that love has been found,
is when you feel a glorious feeling that can only come from within,
that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time,
and makes you feel as if you want to hold on tight and never let go…”
“Will I feel safe then?”
“Yes my child you will feel safe.”
“How do we make love grow?”
“You just be yourself, and I’ll be mine, and if we are sad, then we’ll cry
And if we are mad, then we’ll talk it out.
And if we are afraid, we’ll comfort each other.
But best of all, when we are happy, we’ll laugh together.
And in time we will learn to know each other, trust each other,
and love each other…”
“I hope, that love will grow.”
“Me too my child, me too…”

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