Adoption can be a grueling process and can be further complicated if an international adoption. Superstar Madonna experienced this personally when adopting two children in the country of Malawi. She had to contest their adoption requirements/laws which had not been changed since the 40s and were no longer relevant.

At a recent opening of a hospital in Malawi, Madonna spoke to the crowd and shared her story of adoption. Madonna recalls, “I met Mercy soon after I met my son David, but they were living in different orphanages. David was in Mchinji in Home of Hope, and Mercy was here in Blantyre at Kondanani. Mercy was suffering from Malaria, and David from pneumonia. And when I held each of them in my arms, I whispered in their ears, that I would look after them. And I promised them that they would grow up into strong and healthy adults.”

Madonna was told that she would not be able to adopt Mercy because she had recently divorced her husband and had not met the one-year residency requirement. Because of those circumstances, the judge deemed her unfit to parent and adopt another child from Malawi.

Madonna was not going to take no for an answer. She hired lawyers and fought Malawi’s adoption process.  She won and was able to adopt both children. Madonna recalls, “I never gave up. And I never backed down. And I believe that if you want something badly enough in life, the universe will conspire to help you get it.” Her persistence in her fight to adopt David and Mercy was successful.

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