It’s become acceptable now for those both in and out of the adoption community to agree that sealed birth records should be opened. Adult adoptees should have access to vital information to complete their knowledge of who they are, where they come from and attempt reunification if desired. In Maine, the records have been opened. The laws have changed so adult adoptees (over the age of 18) are able to access their original birth records. But adoptee, Randy Joubert, says it’s not enough.

Joubert and his brother were reunited through serendipity a few years ago. As co-workers, neither knew they had a brother. Both were placed for adoption and were raised by different adoptive families. Discovering their kinship was a fun surprise for them both. Now, Joubert has teamed up with two others to enact new laws. He wants original birth certificates to not be altered at adoption, listing the adoptive parents as the birth parents; and he wants original birth records to be available for all adoptees, regardless of age. The bill is being sponsored by State Senator Dana Dow.

Watch his story here.