In the 2013 MasterChef contestant Jules Allen competed on a reality show based on cooking. Even though she didn’t win the competition, Masterchef contestant Jules Allen was a highlight and a remarkable example of the virtue of charity in her daily life. Allen, 39, a single mother and professional social worker, and has cared for 29 foster children.

Allen is a mother to four: two sons, Jay (15) and Ishy (15), and daughters Elisha (19) and India (16). Allen loves cooking and was encouraged by her kids to audition for Masterchef. It must have been difficult for Allen’s kids to watch their mother as she broke down on the show, but there is something positive that arose from this experience.

In an interview with Australian Story, Allen had this to say: “There’ve been some tough things, but at the end of the day for a charity worker to have a public profile is a dream come true.” The charity work in which Allen is referring to is her own charity, in which she raises money for humanitarian efforts mainly for children. “What matters most to me in life is Family, Food and Service. I have dedicated much of my life to these three things. I have also witnessed the pain and suffering of those without these imperatives.”

It is a sad thing to be the witness of the kind of suffering Allen described, it is also sad for someone to have to be publicly humiliated on national television before being able to gain any public recognition for such a worthy cause. Allen, with over a decades worth of social work, has finally been able to help an even larger family and is able to be a mother figure to so many more.