Marry is an outgoing and loveable girl with many different interests. She has danced since she was 5 years old. She enjoys roller skating, hanging out with friends, and going to the mall, just like any other teenage girl. She loves arts and crafts as well as being outdoors. She’s also into sports like basketball and football.

Marry is also a good student who enjoys school. Her favorite subject is math, but she also likes the social aspect of school and makes friends easily. Marry said she works hard at school and at making good choices because she wants to be a cop when she gets older.

Not only is she a hard worker at school, she is a hard worker at home. Marry is willing and completes chores around the home, sometimes without even being asked.

Her caseworker described Marry as, “fun, smart, athletic and outgoing.” There are so many teenagers that need a forever home, but unfortunately they often get overlooked simply because of their age and the negative stereotype of teenagers in the foster care system as being troublemakers. But all children, including older children such as Marry, are still children who want the same thing; “a family I can live with forever, no matter what we go through, they will be there for me.” Hopefully you can help Marry accomplish her dream.

Watch the video about Marry on NBC Philadelphia.

For more information about Marry and other children looking to be adopted, call the National Adoption Center at 1-866-DO-ADOPT.