Lyndi is a full-time student who has a variety of interests. And Lyndi is a birth mom. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl two years ago. The great gift to Lyndi, to her daughter, and to Kate’s adoptive parents is the open adoption relationship they all share.


Also joining our Birth Family Voices Panel is Lyndi’s mother (Kate’s birth grandmother), Sandi.  Sandi brings to future discussions the viewpoint of grandparents who support the adoption of their grandchildren.  “We did not lose a granddaughter, we actually gained three more grandchildren . . . we love our relationship!”


Starlee is happily married with a darling little daughter. Five years ago, Starlee placed a daughter for adoption. When she found out she was pregnant, Starlee had the distinct feeling that this child she was carrying didn’t belong to her. And so she began the pursuit of finding Gracie’s family.


It’s less frequent that we’re able to hear from men in the adoption circles.  Birth grandpa Bruce shares his feelings about adoption. As is the case with many open adoptions, Bruce, as a grandpa, has very positive feelings about his daughter’s choice to place. His advises parents to love and support their daughters through an unplanned pregnancy.