The love of a mother is something that cannot be measured. It is a completely unconditional love that surpasses all understanding. Families adopt for different reasons. Some adopt due to infertility. Some adopt due to a calling they feel. Some adopt out of the love of all of the children just waiting in orphanages for a home. Kristi Smith and her husband, Matt, went above and beyond for their family.

An article from the Inside Edition explains that as a newborn, Kristi was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Phenylketonuria (PKU), a metabolic condition in which the body cannot process phenylalanine, a form of protein. Due to this complication, she takes a medical shake that her body can absorb to prevent further complications. Without this, like others with PKU, she could experience intellectual delays and seizures.

When Kristi and Matt talked about starting a family, they knew the risks were high for their biological children to have the same disorder as Kristi. Adoption was always a consideration. Kristi knows that she can help children with PKU because she experiences it and hopes to help other children with the condition. She learned about two boys in China who were both diagnosed with PKU at the age two; the two boys were adopted by Kristi and Matt. Kristi stated that she is grateful that the orphanage was aware of PKU as they were provided the treatment the boys needed. The boys and are now thriving.

After they got home and settled, Kristi saw the story of another 13-year-old and 8-year-old in China, also with PKU. Kristi and Matt also adopted them and brought them home with just last month. They are very grateful that they were able to adopt the 13-year-old as he would have aged out at age 14 and given little or no resources after that time.

While Kristi and Matt say it can be difficult at times, they love the boys and enjoy watching them enjoy life. Kristi stated, “Life has been so much fun. Just watching these boys blossom.”